Novice Goaltending

Jun. 28, 2017

One of the major strategies of Hockey Regina over the next year is to concentrate on goaltending and goalie development at the young age groups. For the upcoming season, and going forward, all Novice age players will register as skaters ONLY (no goalie registration).  The only exception to this will be the returning goalies from last season in fairness to potential equipment already purchased.   

What will this mean for Novice teams?  This will mean that you will not necessarily have a full time goalie with the intent to encourage many to try the position.  This initiative is in line with the thoughts of Hockey Canada and the Saskatchewan Hockey Association and will promote stronger skating skills before progressing to more specific goalie skills.  

Reasons for the Change 
The HRI Board feel this change is important for the following reasons: 

  1. This will ensure the kids have an opportunity to develop both skating and goal tending skills.  Skating is the fundamental skill of any player and the foundation for a goal tender as well. . 
  2. It allows more kids the opportunity to try the position 
  3. It allows the kids some fun trying different skills and positions in a practice situation before being exposed to games.   
  4. It will hopefully keep kids in the position longer as full time goalies at a young age often feel “trapped” in the position.  This will still allow kids the opportunity to play goal and play out. 

How will this work?   
Coaches will be required to promote as many kids trying the position as want to and if none volunteer then rotate everyone.  HRI will supply teams with the necessary goal equipment. 

FAQ on the proposed change: 

Q: What if my team doesn’t have a full time goalie? 

A: That’s the idea!!  We are trying to encourage many kids to try the position to sustain a larger goalie pool and to ensure all goalies develop to the best of their ability.  Over the years HRI has faced goalie shortages and we believe this change will help to allow more to try the position and hopefully remain long term. 

Q: Doesn’t our team need a full time goalie to have a better chance to win? 

A: The purpose of HRI is to promote, govern and enhance hockey for the good of the players; and to promote team participation, sportsmanship and equal opportunity to all registered participants relative to the game of hockey.   

Hockey Canada’s mission statement is to lead, develop and promote positive hockey experiences.   

Winning is not part of either HRI or Hockey Canada’s mission. 


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